Making a Difference in our communities

To make a more meaningful impact on the communities where we live and work, Hologic supports other organizations that share our values and commitment to promoting healthier lives.

Our Philanthropic Focus
At Hologic, we center our giving efforts in two specific areas to maximize our impact in ways that align with the values of our employees and customers, as well as with what our company holds dear. For us, those areas are healthcare and STEM education.

Many of our philanthropic healthcare efforts reflect our goal of championing women’s health globally. 
This includes supporting organizations that provide life-saving and life-changing care, primarily for women.

Our efforts to promote STEM education help foster the expertise and passion the world needs to support healthy lives for years to come. 
With an emphasis on underprivileged groups, Hologic strives to support more opportunities for people to pursue education and careers in science, technology, engineering and math. We not only hope to help create fulfilling career opportunities, but also to continue building a robust pipeline of smart thinkers who will help solve the health issues of the future.

Unfortunately, Hologic is not able to support a variety of organizations, including but not limited to: non-accredited educational groups; for-profit organizations; religious, sectarian, political advocacy or lobbying groups; fraternal, athletic (including scholastic sports teams) or labor groups; individual scholarships, grants or memorials; requests for any expenses related to the purchase of Hologic products; arts and cultural organizations; or functions focused primarily on entertainment or recreation.

Hologic’s Grant Program

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